Daniel Schlusser — Ophelia

In the graben between late night and early morning, while scrabbling small amendments for something of Daniel Schlusser’s I hope I’ll be announcing around Monday, I received an email from him. How two months has passed without my awareness …

Early August, I was rising at an hour that was both refreshing and bleary, to rehearse with him and others via Skype to the opposite end of the world. They in Melbourne, me here in Berlin, teaching rope bondage, suspension, shibari, through a small portal I felt I could quite possibly slide through if I approached it right.

After these mornings, I would find myself alone with the convenient ring hanging from the ceiling, making demonstration videos, messing with my ideas and trying to convey them to Lily, wondering if any sense could be made; if this way of trying to make performance had any substance to it.

The video I found this morning … ah, what to say? Daniel is a theatre director I like very much, and I’m very happy to be working with him on Ophelia doesn’t live here anymore. The videois beautiful.