Reading: Liao Yiwu – God is Red

It was only in July this year, Liao Yiwu paid himself into the hands of smugglers on the border of Yunnan and, arriving at Tegel Airport in Berlin, escaped China. A peculiar thought, someone would escape China as did during the Cold War, defectors. I imagine a defector to be someone like Nureyev, or from China, Li Cunxin – something that happened in the past of superpowers, but not today when China is so inextricably bound in world affairs. Or rather, we in China.

Liao Yiwu’s The Corpse Walker – Real-Life Stories, China from the Bottom Up was one of my picks of 2008, and remains so. I haven’t found another contemporary Chinese writer who comes close to his brilliance – perhaps Ai Weiwei as an artist is though. I also wanted to read his book on his time in prison, though being only in German at the moment, shall be a task for my german improvement.

God is Red – The secret story of how Christianity survived and flourished in Communist China, is somewhat conflicting for me to want to read, as I don’t really have an interest in Christianity. However, being Liao Yiwu, of course it’s now beside my bed.