SOIT – Messiah Run!

Hans and SOIT have been in Berlin the last few days during Tanz I’m August, and working on Messiah Run! at the Ufer Studios. Convenient for me it’s just across the road (with Café Pförtner in-between), so I wandered in yesterday mid-afternoon to watch where it is up to.

They’re around half-way through the development period, with more weeks and months coming up before the premiere in January next year. Even as it stands, had I seen this in a theatre billed as a performance and finished work, I would have been quite thrilled. Yes, I am a fan of Hans (yes, I’ve worked with him too). I really like watching his work (as well as performing), and that I wished it was me there during the chair avalanche rather than watching (and taking photos), is probably all I need to say.

They are at it again right now, and again Saturday at 15h. I would go again, but I’ll be in Madrid.