process/unprocess days 1 & 2

Straight from seven days of yoga + shibari workshops into getting up early for class. Lucky it was only a 15 minute stumble down the hill to Rosas. Unlucky the teacher had missed his alarm. And on to day two!

Last time I was in Brussels, I found an application for Rosas Summer Studios in my email, and having abstained from application writing for some time, thought perhaps it was time to do this again. Gala and I have had vague ideas about working together on something for quite a while, and two weeks working time, along with macrobiotic lunches and a vegetable garden is quite a luxury.

What are we doing then? We are joined this week by Lewis, who came down from Amsterdam (by way of Suisse Alps in an old Renault) to do the workshops last week. Gala and I have been talking about how to make something of the stupidity stuff we do, though certainly this is harder than it looks.

We decided then, to start today with where we’d both just come from: ropes. I’ve been wanting to work on some kind of installation/performance piece, and feeling particularly inspired at the moment coming out of the workshop and much talking over the previous weeks with Dasniya, so this seemed a fairly uncomplicated place to start.

I failed to remember almost everything I’d written a couple of days ago on the various things we have been doing with rope, but somehow it all came together, all three of us bound and connected and rolling across the studio (Lewis even managing a counter-balanced headstand). The studio—large and a wall of glass along one side looking over the train line, has the addition of a solidly bolted bar on the ceiling which we wasted no time in throwing a sling over.

One thing I’d been wanting to try for a while was using all this messy tying and also suspending, for which Lewis was happy to try. It was unsurprisingly easy, and the subsequent generated tangle of ropes was also rather beautiful. Gala also tried this, and I ended up watching for half an hour or so as many of the various ideas we’d been talking around somehow emerged.

Tomorrow it’s my turn, along with some idea of vocalisation. Lately, I’ve mostly been listening to Attila Csihar.