Ophelia Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Unusual for me to go from one project directly to another, let alone three in a row, but this weekend is only a slight pause. I’ve been talking with Daniel Schlusser since 2009 or so, and even spent some time last year while I was in Vienna working with Hans Van den Broeck — and have just spent half an hour across two hemispheres on Skype for his new project, Ophelia Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

Daniel’s one of my favourite theatre directors, so it’s a many-thrilled thing to be working with him, also to be working more in theatre (I seem to be slipping far beyond dance these days). Lily Paskas is also involved, and we shall be spending the next week with ropes, Shibari, Bondage, Ophelia, Gertrude …

The week-long rehearsal is also somewhat of an unknown as they are in Melbourne and I am in Brussels / will be in Berlin; hence Skype. It seems unproblematic to do it this way, though it is also an unknown—other things to consider, as well as a need for adaption to be able to work together.

I shall try and write a little here over the week also, maybe some photos too.