Hello Brussels

A very early train. Not as early as a plane. For some reason there was an absence of cheap flights to Brussels, so I opted for the slightly more expensive ICE from Berlin Hbf to Brussels Zuid, seven hours of backward momentum. Considering it takes around five hours to get door-to-door via 12-thousand meters, the extra three (including getting to and from said stations), without the harassment of ‘check-in’, two-hour waits, more waits … seemed like a good compromise. (On the minus side, no take-off and landing fun ride, nor turbulence.)

I slept half of the way, plugged my ears with Tannhäuser from Köln onwards, read most of Iaiaiain M. Banks’ Matter, ate a carrot, an apple, a brötchen, arrived to find a sweaty Gala and within 30 seconds we were off. Stupidity! Oh yes, we will make a performance out of this.

A wander into the city to articulate limbs, some coffee, more snoozing. Giacomo is also here, Dasniya arrives shortly, possible climbing tomorrow and then the week of workshops begins.

It’s very nice to be back here, my other home.