200 years of Liszt and some pianos

There is a piano restorer in Uferhallen. Once a week or so the forecourt fills with many cars not from this part of town and people sit on an assortment of chairs beneath and around a mismatched arrangement of lamps and pianos Hammerflügeln in all states of dismemberment. Rows of keyboards like the rubble of old teeth.

Dasniya and I went to see Nicolas Bringuier play Schubert and Liszt (as well as a Mazurka) on Friday night. The second half, 6 Etudes d’execution transcendentes was something special, almost meditative in its intensity.

Also I thought, while taking some photos, about the place where I spend so much of my time. Uferhalen, the various artists who make something of a home here, the tree-filled corners, the ateliers, all of this special place. I think perhaps if circumstances allow to document the mundane side of here.