Morning Yoga – Wedding, Berlin

For the coming months, I will be teaching a morning yoga class at nameless. Class will initially be on Tuesday morning at 9am for 90 minutes, with the possibility for further classes, including early morning.

Morning Yoga – Wedding, Berlin

morning yoga at nameless

We begin with finding some calmness, paying attention to our bodies and preparing for the work ahead. Continuing, we move through a simple series, repeating and adding to this, at first gentle and slow, and as we warm up moving into stronger, more intense cycles of movement. The flow of movement is bound to the breath, which brings our concentration into ourselves.

From here, we go into a series of standing postures and balances, finding these through spiraling, counter-movement, and rotation, and attention to fine detail. After this into deeper floor postures, opening our bodies up, before finishing with breathing and internal focus.

We attend to coordination, stillness, calmness in movement and exertion; understanding balance and weight and how it shifts; concentrating on breath and breathing.

Frances d’Ath

Frances began yoga at the same time as dance, and has returned to practicing and teaching many times in the past fifteen years.

Her class combines the flow and movement of Astanga with the attentiveness and longer poses of Iyengar, integrating elements and ideas from kinesiology, Alexander Technique, Pilates as well as classical and contemporary dance.

She has previously taught yoga to dancers of ADT Australian Dance Theatre, and Leigh Warren Dancers in Adelaide, Australia; Guangdong Modern Dance Company in Guangzhou, China; as well as to people of all ages and experience in these cities and in Zürich, Brussels and Berlin.

Class Details:

No linger taking place

Other Info: byo yoga mat (some will also be available)
Level: Beginners / Intermediate
Language: English & German
Cost: 5,-€

Contact Frances:
mobile: +49 1522 63 53 740