mein lesbisches auge 10

Some weeks ago, I was called upon to get an image ready for print with a half-hour, mid-night deadline; the image coming from a screenshot off a DVD. With many caveats, such as, “It’s big enough for print but I have no idea of the quality … blahblah …”, I sent it off with a minute spare.

Also with this was a photo I took while in Brussels at La Monnaie, when we got onto the stage during the day, alone and made some suspensions and photos.

Mostly I only see my photos on screens, and this hides much, so seeing my photo of Gala and Dasniya, suspended while around the first act forest of Parsifal loomed, printed on high quality stock, gave me a smile.

You can enjoy it here scanned, or see it as it should, in print, in Mein lesbisches Auge 10 – Das lesbische Jahrbuch der Erotik from