bvg ∫-1x dt/dv ≥ ⨍(dy:fr:hf) … again

A couple of weeks ago, the delightful Nicole from La Monnaie came to visit. We sat outside Café Pförtner in the late-afternoon sun and were joined by two more, nameless. A few days later we travelled slightly west, to U-Wedding, where they have an entire old Tresor Fabrik, empty and awaiting a future. In the meantime, they get to make art.

And so do Dasniya and I.

On May 8th, nameless is having an opening day. They have a mobile gantry, just like Uferhallen, except good for 5000kg. We shall be performing bvg ∫-1x dt/dv ≥ ⨍(dy:fr:hf) again, around 22h. For any of you not in Berlin, or who prefer performance from the comfort of computer, the video of the Uferhallen performance is on and on