bvg ∫-1x dt/dv ≥ ⨍(dy:fr:hf)

(Which is harder to write when you can’t plop in some mathematical notation.)

There’s a lot happening at Uferhallen lately. The café has reopened (again), and this time they seem to have got it right. Passable coffee, good food, removal of the ugly shelves behind the bar, more tables and chairs which find themselves outside when the sun shines, and so plenty of people sitting around. An exhibition in the big hall, piano concerts in the piano restorers workshop (which is a place of quiet beauty), and a birthday.

Martin, who is one of the main people of Uferhallen was having a party. Dasniya and I have been talking about doing more things around here as it is the place where we spend the most time, and with a couple of weeks to get something together, thought this would be a perfect moment.

Some rehearsals at Jochen’s Ohlauerstr workshop, and then four days here in the Hallen. These are the old BVG workshops, and this side of the street was for busses and trams. I’m not sure how long ago it was the BVG left, but much of the mechanics seems to be in good working order, including the mobile gantries.

5000kg is a reasonable amount of leeway for two people weighing together around 130kg. So we hooked ourselves with ropes (of course, this is Shibari) and were maneuvered around the hall in 3 dimensions by Hartmut.

Over the course of the days we came up with something workable, pestered it until it was repeatable, and around 11pm last night found ourselves with a hundred or so people while we made our bondage intervention.

It’s really gone quite far beyond recognisable Japanese Shibari. Even the gantry didn’t lend an air of ‘dirty industrial smut’. It was more practical, just getting on with the process. Also a few webbing slings for hanging in and forty or so ropes by the end. I got to play with my messy style of rope stuff, which is starting to become sensible and despite looking like spaghetti does in fact draw quite consistently on the basic Shibari tying methods.

A quickly made, quick 17-or-so minute performance, some food and drink and then schlafe, schlafe …

Some photos (video later.)