Just after midday today, I took my 5000th photo with my Panasonic LX3. It’s not especially good, blurry, mid-action, looking from the back of the stage out to the theatre through the proscenium, Gala, Dasniya and Jorgos on stage.

We somehow found ourselves in theatre at 9am doing ballet. I was looking at the tendu exersise, knowing there was a pattern with counts and all I saw was a blllrrr…blllrrr… of random movement, someone waving their hands in front of my face, all toothy, “Look at the monkey! Look at the monkey!”

No suspension for me today, though I’d earlier in the week wanted to work on some stuff. Two days of letting my body calm down was a better decision. We didn’t get very far today though, spending most of the time talking through issues in the scene which one way or another will get resolved tomorrow.

And then, setting up slings in the salle de cour for the two workshops we’re teaching in the coming week. One thing I really like about techies, “Nah, we’ve got twenty minutes, we’ll do it now, I don’t wanna wait around till four-thirty.” The art of getting things done and going home.