castellucci is a criminal

After the fourth performance, an emotionally tough night for us, we stand outside the stage door. A woman in beret, black and white clothes (as I remember) tap-dancing with apoplexy. “It is shit!” she is saying, “Castellucci is a Criminal!” … “All shit!” Even the bondage (and it seems by extension us as people) are “Shit!”

On that note, in no particular order (nah, actually mostly alphabetically), and in several languages … Reviews!

(For those who would like copies of the embedded video and audio (with no easy or obvious download links) on some of these sites, I’ve downloaded it all. And for those who want any of this once the links expire, I have all the pages saved as they originally appeared as .pdf.)

Press & Print Media

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Journal La Terrasse Classique – Opéra – Romeo Castellucci – numéro 184 – JANVIER – 2011 Castellucci en quête du graal Les figurants au-devant de la scène Parsifal, humain, trop humain ?


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