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I see so little. The first act is warming up, putting on ropes. The only part I really see is rendered in pitch darkness when lights out, Gurnemanz opens the door into our backstage dressing area and sings for a few minutes. The third act similarly, removing makeup (long shower and moisturising), dressing and hanging around some. I arrive side-stage about the time for Amfortas. The second act … mostly I have my eyes shut and see tops of heads, then unroping. By the time that is finished, I get to see Parsifal around, “Amfortas! Die Wunde!”, then on briefly to scrawl a black line and then that’s that, act two over and done with.

Andrew seems to be the mainline for photos and videos, so rather than tormenting my eyes trying to think of something clever to say, I’ll shove you off in his general direction. Some beautiful photos mostly from Acts I and II, along with a video from Concertclassic (I don’t know how long they stay there or where the final link will be, so I’ve put it below). Yes, we did come down that fast … bonk! Also a photo of us hanging (from Bernd Uhlig). Mainly because it surprises me every time I see us from the outside.

We open tomorrow.

auf denn! ans werk! (especially toes) (with frank zappa)
auf denn! ans werk! (especially toes) (with frank zappa)