zwei jahre aufenthaltstitel

Not much writing here lately, being distracted with a couple of large design projects and miscellaneous other things (mostly involving euros fleeing from me), but something to celebrate also…

Yesterday I had my residency permit renewed. I was hoping for at best a year, or if being utterly idealistic for two, but didn’t think that likely, especially in light of the last two visits to the Ausländerbehörde have seen me depart – albeit easily – with a Fiktionsbescheinigung; all for various reasons of not having the specific piece of paper because I happen to be a freelance artist.

This time though, extremely over-prepared, and not only did I get a freelance residency permit allowing me to work as dancer, choreographer and in Medienkommunikation (the latter being a catchall for design work, theatre production, assisting in various ways not involving steps or the making thereof), but it is a two year one! Much excitement. And next time I may even be able to apply for a permanent one. Ja, ich bin Berlinerin!

Which led me to think on two years ago, when I’d just arrived in Berlin, was moving to Fichterstraße, and somehow wondering how I’d survive here, and so then over the last two years. And then two years prior, I was in Adelaide, coming to from the previous two years, and wondering where forward from here? Which turned out to be one of my happiest times in Australia, with Gala, Daniel, dancing… And two years prior again, in a lull after extermination, wondering where things were going, and then finding the coming years full of travel back to europe and Zürich, China again. And two years prior again, in Guangzhou having found myself thrown out of Australia and into what I’d hoped for but hadn’t expected to happen, and wondering where next, which a few months later turned out to be Vienna for the first time… and finally the fifth iteration, ten years ago, at VCA in my final year, wondering what would happen, having these desires for things I had no sense of how to make… And to turn around now and find so much of that has come to pass, perhaps to be a little more unrealistic in the next two years?