müggelsee by boat and foot

Today rising somewhat early and then via S-Bahn (und zwei abgefickte neo-faschisten), Ostkreuz, S-Bahn again to Friedrichshagen, a town outside Berlin in the south-east, one of those towns blessed by geography and thus also blessed in the past by artists, so becoming a small town to wander through on the weekend and find a writers’ festival. We continued passing Brauereien, houses in the Victorian mold, though I suppose here the nomenclature would be kaiserlich, and so to the lake.

Mist burning off below bright sun, discovering ourselves overdressed; it is, after all still summer. To a ferry, a memory of Vevey and days beside the lake, and so across the lake. A Biergarten with fish sandwiches. Should to be accompanied by Vodka? More sun and brilliance of the day until falling asleep on the S-Bahn home.