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The last week has been chaotic. I came to Brussels slightly early – on Tuesday, to help with Dasniya’s Yoga and Shibari Workshop at Charleroi Danses, she arriving Thursday and some setting up in La Raffinerie, followed by three days of yokes and bindings with 20 others, and one long night of photography in an old stable somewhere south of Brussels. Yesterday some vagueness and attempts at ordering my life again, along with sorting—in a highly subjective manner, some 590 images I took over the three days. Hopefully I’ll be putting some of them up here later this week and writing about the workshop.

For now, continuing back into design work and trying to balance everything physical and computational. I’m not sure I manage this very well. Or perhaps I simply haven’t worked out how to a) sleep less, b) clone and reabsorb myself daily c) make myself attractive to wealthy philanthropists d) elongate seconds or minutes/convert former to latter/other temporal manipulations e) function in a highly regimented schedule… (and so on). I shall try though.

Mainly to say I’m feeling quite inspired at the moment, planning on a new performance, much enjoyment of reading, anxious to return to dance/climb/cycle/run/yoga and perhaps finding some progress in knee/hip/pelvis mess… Brussels for the remainder of the week, then Berlin again.

Some photos…