arriving vienna

Again. Two years since I was last here, this time by plane and a placard with my name on it to greet me. One day, I fantasise, I will be greeted with a namecard and whisked away to a fast car then on to an opulent suite in some hotel. One day I won’t even bother with that, instead being picked up from the bowels of a private jet and whisked etc…

Hans arrives. I amuse myself while flying, waiting, sitting by finishing Charles Stross’ “The Fuller Memorandum”, which I ate like chocolate which I do so as with a sandwich. Shall probably consume again. Into town, trying to remember where I am, where Vienna is. I’ve spent just enough time here for the most general of outlines of the city to remain.

My apartment, near the Stadtpark. Unpacking a little, giving Panda the tour (yes, Panda travels with me always. Panda often has very good advice for me, even if it is just, ” … bam … boo … (zzz*…) “). Next to Arsenal.

I decide I can walk there, my inner thigh decorated pink with Kinesiotape, my knee pretending it might heal a little if my hip does so also, though aching from too much sitting the last days. Through the Botanischer Garten der Universität, find my way into Schweizer Garten and get accosted by Anuschka on a blue ImPulsTanz bike, shortly after finding Lewis and Danielle from Brussels and many other people who are to me this festival.

A bike of my own (ugh, pink). A ride into town via Resselpark, an incredibly expensive Heisse Schokolade with the three from Bruxelles, then home.

Tomorrow we begin Café Prückel. I’m not sure how much I’ll blog on it, as this time for one darling supernaut is not anonymous, and also I am searching for a metaphor describing proximity of doing-too-much-brain-implode-situation, and also I haven’t performed much since the last time I was here, having taken a long tim away from these things. It is a little foreign to me. But… perhaps some words when it suits, no?