brussels train

A week in Brussels. Much reading, three new books, two finished. Much cooking also, Hans, Aunschka, Paea whom I’ve not seen for over a year and an half, James, Gala, Gina. Climbing too, reminding me why I love this verticality so much. Also work. Lucky to have this portability where I can be anywhere comfortable and connected and my work resumes.

My favourite seat on the Airbus also, A1 I suppose, right beside the door, claustrophobic and unpopular while everyone enters, but then excess legroom and certainly the first off at the other end.

Of course some plans to go back sooner-er-ish and see Gala again. Yoga, eating, talking, spoons… chocolate… my second home.

I took some photos on the way from Gare du Midi to the airport, mostly between there and slightly north of north station.