dasniya sommer dvd

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a project for Dasniya Sommer, for whom I did her website last year, and have messed around together on various ideas in the previous 12 months. Late last year I filmed her performing G4 in NACHTUNDNEBEL, and spent some of these weeks editing the almost half hour performance into a 4 minute video. The remainder of the time has been assembling a DVD of her work from 2008 and ’09.

In part this was so she could have a document of all her work, interviews, and photos for all the various requests she receives for this, but firstly for the Shibari Festival we went to in London over the weekend.

Almost all video is in widescreen format, and it is now for sale via her website (or email her directly) for €15 plus postage.

What’s on it:

MA√ 15 { IDIOSYNCRASY } || SIN X = LY – FX²¯
La Zampa
Atemkontrolle? Hustenanfall? Pheromoncheck?

Sang Bleu
Schatten Auf Berlin
MA√ 15 { IDIOSYNCRASY } || SIN X = LY – FX²¯
Mel & Dy

Media (interviews and documentaries):
Arte Lounge