Reading… a 2nd anniversary

My reading the last year has not been of either the volume, nor the breadth of the previous, in no small part due to months of poverty, wherein I was reduced to reading the labels of bottles for intellectual nourishment.

Later lack of time intruded from what should be my life’s purpose, to read read read. If I manage a book or so a week, then I can expect a paltry two to three thousand remaining. Which shall they be? And then the ones I read more than once. Iain Banks’ The Crow Road is up to its fourth reading, I think. Empire of the Sun is one I should have read long ago, but was leery because of the film.

Some books here I don’t regard so highly from a literary perspective, perhaps not so well written, or other reasons to normally dismiss them. The arrive here – notably Three Cups of Tea because of the affect they have on my life, perhaps in conjunction with conversations with others. Of course, no book is alone.

I do not feel though, that I have read a truly remarkable book in the last year. Hannah and Theodor aside, even Iain for that matter. I am attempting amends for the coming year.