i went to brussels … again

A week this time. To Flughaven Schönefeld, then to Bruxelles Airport, raining once more, grey from B to B. Here to see Hans (tonight), Jan (Friday in Antwerpen), and Gala (every day!). Others also, though only these three can for more than an instant distract me from…


Berlin has the best bread, but Brussels, the best chocolate.

I took some photos this morning, from Gala’s new apartment, then we went for a run, first time in over a year, only 5km or a bit under, but nice to feel bones, nerves, air, movement, run uphill, around the park downhill, and trying toe-first style instead of thumping heels.

A rainy day indoors, ah the day turns to greyness and sun guttered behind does the city turn ever more sullen, only the sopping brick clinging onto colour.

Off to see Hans.