night and trees

I saw my darling Ivo perform last night at Halle. Sublimely brilliant and I shall attempt to write something on that. I took my camera because I hoped to take some things of him. Sadly no. Though I played in the darkness before, wondering over dark light photography.

Playing then, in Manual mode and Shutter Priority with ISO, aperture, shutter speed and focal length. I discover (well compared to my camera phone anyway) useable and beautiful things. Up to ISO 800 is ok, though there is smeariness from the image processing, I forgot to turn off because I forgot about it. (Oh, a little blurriness also because of slow shutter speed, around 1/15 to 1/20). Pushing the exposure two stops also helps bring in more light, though at the expense of what, I’m not sure. Aperture at 2 or 2.8 also lets more in, like opening faucet. It would be nice to try with a tripod for longer exposures with lower ISO and smaller aperture maybe, but even these to me have an attraction.