one… eins

A year ago.

A train from Frankfurt lulling me out of the delirium and endurance of 30 hours or more, I can remember out the window seeing ice bergs perhaps this was the Barents sea? Arriving at the vast Hauptbahnhof of a city I wondered if it might be the one, a home. I found a phone. Daniel said, “You won’t be needing that”.

I remember rightly, he said that. Taxi to Moabit where I am staying, more rain. Then walk? I think, back to the Bahnhof and S-Bahn to Hackescher Markt. Through the slowness as I reeled myself in across continents I fell in love with Berlin. One week here, then off to Vienna, circling Europe, till a return here, early August.

I stayed at Schwelle7. I told Bonnie how her telling me of Secret Service had led me to there, led me to someone quite a special one. Across the oceans also this… unknowing, incomprehensible inevitability. I ended here, for the moment because of a few words and thoughts that led me to… Berlin.

One year today. And much to think on. I followed Daniel somewhat also. Here or Brussels. Now a reason to go there also. Gala arrived, left, arrived. Lives. I did ballet this morning, after a night of eating, a vast Chinese banquet, lucky my table is round, it suited the abundance and eating until beyond, far beyond sated. Daniel, Matti and Dasniya, who made my adventures these last couple of months… something I can’t image how I thought I might push through on my own.

I did ballet this morning and in this last month with time for thoughts and Berlin, Berlin causing new thoughts because the old ones have no use in this city, I return to dance, performance, art, thoughts, of which without I have little meaning. I came here for dance. For life. I left dance, for a time, and return.