a plant a brewery

Learning more of depth of field and finally moving into the full manual mode on my LX3. It has a delightful magnified rectangle to assist in manual focus. I have discovered I get a nice background blur on non-macro shots if I use the macro setting. Not sure if this is acceptable camera behaviour, but I do have a habit of “what happens if I…” … “…oops…”

(one day I shall write entirely in ellipses)

A juicy plant on the windowsill, naturally the Brauerei is in the background. I was thinking of using my mobile phone as an external lightsource or flash. I’m less concerned with nice photos and so on than in learning the technique of this camera. I had thoughts about the autofocus that follows the subject and mmm… a lot to learn.

I am taken by the 3:2 format though, quite square and has an unusual depth that 16:9 or even the usual 4:3 misses, like falling towards the horizon over the landscape inbetween. For the moment it is my favourite, perhaps especially because I have never played with it before.