today i learned about depth of field

(Inbetween learning about search engine optimisation, Google Analytics… other…)

I have a book which is a basic introduction to DSLR cameras. I purloined it in the hope I could have revealed to me some of the arcane aspects of manual photography. In the course of reading on such things as bracketing and other such wonders frequently qualified with the statement, “only in dslr cameras”, the book, showing it’s age as not from this year led me to look through the LX3 manual quite frequently. Wherein I discovered everything including multi-point autofocus.

So it dawned on me fully, in which was my reason for buying this camera, it is more a DSLR in a compact body than a compact with DSLR abilities. Maybe it doesn’t have the same physical sensor size and no optical viewfinder (unless I buy one), but! f/2.0! Depth of field anyone?

Which is a simple-ish thing I am just beginning to grasp requiring the A in PASM. Here I get to set the aperture value, bigger is better. Hence f/2.0. Closer is good and bigger focal length also, though this hits the LX3’s one limit, only 60mm.

Anyway, depth of field is how in or out of focus everything is in front of and behind the one thing that is the centre of attention. By doing the above, it becomes very narrow, so lots of background blur… mmm… pretty. And then I remembered my beauty has a focus setting on the lens barrel, so I set it to AF-Macro.

I preferred the other photo I look of the pen, of the pen itself I mean, this one looks a bit foreshortened, but this one also has a far more – for me – interesting background. f/2.3, focal length 7.4 or 35mm, 1/50sec, ISO 160. Less washed out in the original (will start shooting raw soon), but that would be the fault of Photoshop’s ‘save to web’ adventure.