im keller, 6ter stock… später in der buchhandlung und auch gewitterhagelsturm

A strange adventure with Daniel accompanying me and Matti translating on occasion. Kreuzberg near my old home, Dieffenbachstr, time too short for cheesecake. Into the celler, waiting, talking, blood, waiting, talking, scanning, waiting, talking, talking, leaving. To the sixth floor, waiting, talking, leaving. Much paperwork. Waiting in the rain. Yoga for breakfast. The chronology is out but it was important. Tante Horst to eat a late, late lunch, perhaps an early dinner, though breakfast for one. A long day in emotions more than merely hours.

Returning to near home, finding the book for me had arrived at St Georges, a monster to beat anthropologists with. Home barely in time for the storm. I am thinking of a new camera. It is somewhat expensive but has full manual functions and many other proper camera things. Tomorrow though is more of the same and then perhaps perhaps I shall depart…