gewitterregen über bötzow brauerei

Summer, it has been decided will be stormy with displays of thunder and lightning. Much blowing of wind also. It reminds me of course of Guangzhou. Though certainly I enjoyed the monsoon and typhoons in Manila and Taipei as well as Hong Kong, for me it is always a memory of Canton. Vast hulking behemoths trawling in, blackening the skies, and the torrent, the noise and thrill as if the air itself was possessed.

Berlin has brought a string of, well in no way comparable, not the least for absence of thick, languid sopping heat, but yes, storms. Happily, Berlin has quite beautiful storms. I would have never guessed. Though that was some days ago, and in the meantime, thehof below nears its finish after some three months of ausgrabend und zuschütten. I stood under the tree, now taken by spring and looked up. In six months I have not done such a thing from under its trunk. And there, in the top corner is my room and hobo attic.