brauerei schornstein… ohne schornstein

It is almost time for dinner. What little things have I done recently? Updated to OS X 10.5.7 which miraculously fixed AppleScript communication between Mail, MailTags and Things. Excitement. I hope it too fixed my atrocious mess of php/sql/apache so I can do local installs of WordPress.

Bike still needs repairs. Seat bolt has worn a hole in both trousers and me. A little 5c sized circular access portal to my inner thigh. Reading a lot and planning on more book buying. I slept 10 1/2 hours last night, peaceful but still this series of dreams of single friends persists. Each dream with one who perhaps were I to see again I would not recognise, but nevertheless at some moment were near. And each dream as if of this person an allegory, though of what I might make of some I cannot tell. Each night a different friend.

One who reminded me of why I am here now when said finishing then. And that finishing perhaps is more of a pause, after six months when dancing only truly stopped from lack of money I find I have more desire for this and making, as I imagined, in some tatty place where it is for ourselves. So I must make a small note perhaps that I am thinking of abjection again.

Thinking maybe is all. I would write more but seem compelled to eat and sleep and dream of friends. That is all.