Along the Landwehrkanal on my bicycle going west, some blue sky and sun today, though cold. I kept riding till I found myself past the traffic of Potsdamer Platz and cradled in the stillness of the Tiergarten. West along the north side of the canal, I crossed near Straße des 17 Juni, where the canal is lined with house boats and barges, begining the return along the south side. Less sun perhaps, but already milky and opalescent from the passing deck of clouds.

I stopped before passing beneath a gentle arch of steel span, captured by a cluster of Antelope or… long, thin and slightly curved antlers, and huge dark wet eyes, one startled by my sudden presence, but also the one who kept coming closer looking at me…

I rode under the bridge and home, wondering in this about Rosa Luxemburg, and having been warned not to ride too far west in case I met the same fate. And so to discover it was this bridge where she was murdered and her body dumped in the Kanal, and my photo of the Neue See, somewhere near is the memorial to her husband Karl Liebknecht, also murdered that night. And thinking in all of this I remembered too this was the bridge Walter Benjamin would pass on his way into the Zoologischer Garten in Berliner Kindheit um Neunzehnhundert the quiet entrance by Lichtensteinbrücke.