ich werde pirat

Saturday morning I shall rise at an unfortunately early hour and stumble towards Flughaven Tegel. I hope I go the right direction. And from there to England, where I’ve never been other than extended stopovers at Heathrow, at least two I can recall though likely I’ve blocked the rest out. This time I shall leave the airport and hope my ability to find my way to Victoria Station does not desert me, and on to home of Oysters, near to Chaucer and Marlowe, I’m sure also famed for other events of history, Whitstable.

Ten days of eating, sleeping, reading books, cooking, umm… walking or running along beaches or through the woods, afternoons to Canterbury, try to avoid toppling off the cliffs, umm… other things also, all with my delightful hobo. Yes, this pirate courtesan is going on an adventure.