further along the beach… and a castle

Another walk yesterday, after two hours of yoga, inadvertently, I just pottered through things I haven’t done for a while, and set off a while after along the waterfront again, past the harbour and then further, wandering Tankerton Beach, The Street still buried under an shallow tide, beach huts barred and locked for the week and for winter, the yacht club also, more singing of rigging on aluminium masts, and eventually reaching the far east end of the beach, where a large green sign, much hacked at announces, ‘naturism is not condoned on this beach’. Turning around, walking back, a brisk wind chilling one eye in its socket, then up the hill to Whitstable Castle, not as impressive as its name, and sitting for a while, the sea wind biting fingers to numbness, four days of clear sky losing to a haze of cloud stealing in, and so to find my Hobo as the sky loses its life, darkness and wind and her for company.