where i was last night…

When people ask me why I came to Berlin, I say, well partly for the dance, and partly for living. And of course the deciding aspect was knowing someone was here and that I wouldn’t be walking into instead Bruxelles, not having any friend to lead me around. So I ended up in Kreuzberg.

It was the absence of queer life in Adelaide, the smallness of the city, the desperation in finding something to inspire me outside of dance that made finding a city with a life I’d find inspiring outside of dance important. And in other ways this need also applied to much of my time in Melbourne, though the last visit, living in Collingwood and working at Swinburne had the feeling of a new city, until that is, I’d venture into town or o places I knew too well that felt as if they rubbed against me too long. So after this and even China and Taiwan for all they inspired and seduced me, I wanted somehow to find a place I felt well, a familiarity for. To call a place home for a time and this city I’d chose would be that.

Lucky Berlin seems to be this. And more generally, Europe, or the parts I’ve been. And Kreuzberg has I think a queerness I’ve been looking for. mmm how to describe that, oh well that’s for another time… But last night after getting lost – I must remind myself that Google Maps is only generally accurate, and often no use at all in leading you to the door. Getting to the right street, and the vaguely correct block is about as good as it gets. – wandering along the Landswehrkanal in utter darkness, back along the other side as if transported to Freiburg, and then following the candles to the Stadthaus Böchlerpark. Just like Wigstöckel a couple of weeks ago, the audience was quite entrancing.

Oh, where was I?

Somehow I’ve subscribed to a pile of Berlin blogs, and must stretch my schrecklich Deutsch reading in order to understand, but found myself at the annual gender*d*rama, organised or made or populated by, amongst others, the queer or gender studies department at Humboldt University. So many beautiful people, feels like home…

gender*d*rama – die 5. lange nacht der gender studies
gender*d*rama – die 5. lange nacht der gender studies