walking in graefe-kiez

Still I am thinking of my walk to ballet each morning and how oh perhaps tomorrow or next week I will get up early enough and there will be some rain, mist, wetness so I can adequately show how beautiful this traipse is.

And it was someone who is arriving with much anticipation next week who said, “So you are going to live in Graefe-Kiez? That is a very beautiful area”. Like a badly drawn upwards-pointing arrow or lopsided mushroom needing an extra leg to balance its listing. Along the canal, down Kottbusserdamm, squiggling along Urbanstr, Hasenheide and Geniesenaustr wonkily back up again to the kanal.

I had my hair cut on Dieffenbachstr last night, and that morning walking across Urbanstr, the rain about to visit once more, sky opalescent…