subatomic particle plushies

Oh I want these. Really, really, really…

Julie Peasley makes particle plushies at the Particle Zoo. Quarks, Leptons, Theoretical particles like the Higgs Boson, Force carriers, Nucleons, not forgetting anti-particles, and soon Supersymmetry particles and a Quantum Duck.

I’m torn between my utter love of particle physics and… she has a picture on the bottom of her website of a bubble chamber in action, these spiraling lines are I think my earliest remembered love with such an esoteric branch of science, when I was 9 or 10 I used to stare at these pictures for hours and read over and over the descriptions as if I could divine more from doing this. Possibly a love more strong than I have for astronomy and astrophysics, yet of course inextricable, the latter from this sub-atomic zoo.

And then I’m thinking oh toys! Yes what a wonderful present for someone of any age to be taken by the seductive fascination of particle physics. (I meant all this as a hint.)

And then I’m thinking oh haha plushies, and imagining Top Quarks and Bottom-Quarks in some heavy scene, and the Z-Bosons are the Daddy Bears… mmm beats dressing up as a furry fox.