kreuzberg… s036

Looking for… turned around exiting the u-bahn, dampness and grey Berlin wears comfortably. Some cities resent their weather, others, Guangzhou I think of, find when it rains something new is brought forth. Daniel and I venture south to Kreuzberg, soon to be my new home. Near here, a walk away.

Along Oranienstr, past shops and places, it feels like Newtown, Sydney in the 90s. SO36, a famous/infamous club. I think I will visit not infrequently. Then to Heinrichplatz… is that the name? Small, ungentrified, and Kraut und Rüben, a frauenkollektiv, I have heard here I can find Mehlwurmbrot and nearby somewhere for peanut butter.

We sit outside, coffee, breakfast, Michael joins us from Madrid and a night of sleepless super-clubbing. A walk, bookshops and a gallery, another café, a crossing of the road for dinner, a wandering nextdoor to SO36 and decide to continue down the street to a bar I remember as Möbile Ufer, but is actually Möbel-Olfe…

Each new place of Berlin I discover, I am more in love.