my life

Packed. Waiting for the shipping company. Everything I have, in storage for most of four years, and now to return. Books and books and books and… miscellanea. Back to living in a suitcase, for how long…

I hope before winter I’ll have settled somewhere.

I have this strange compulsion that has overtaken me. I bought a ticket to Berlin and decided to live there, see what the dance is, see what the life might be like. Will it suit me? Will I feel something like home? Will I be able to stay?

So tomorrow, I fly to Sydney to see a beautiful friend I’ve not been with since around this time in Zürich. Then a special breakfast with someone new I’ve met, who has a goat! (and a new-born calf, amongst other farm wonders). Then…

Airport. Sydney to Taipei, Taipei to Frankfurt, find a train and trundle to Berlin. Daniel!

I’ve already left.