impulstanz – settlement… (perhaps day 6)

This being the day of my birth… uh… day, AND!!! my second in Vienna. Excellent!!

(AND!!! not getting around to writing this till Wednesday because I went out for drinks and dinner and a small bout of trashing a restaurant (“I can destroy this place in less than one minute…”) with four of the settlement.)

So I decided to do yoga that morning and shuffled through some up and down and stand, sit, upsidedown, lie down, snooze, think positive thoughts, bllrrrrrr…

Then to warm up with everyone, yoga!

Then: Running, circle stuff, martial arts phrases, handshakes, politics (oh, political grandstanding, I mean)… other things? Not sure… The drinks and cheese at special secret café were rather fun, and so bicycle five people four bikes to Taborstaße and Enchiladas and other chicken things. Home late. Hello to Daniel (^-^)