Global Voices Summit – Budapest

Some of my favourite and also most inspiring bloggers, writers, wonderful computer and internet people are all in Budapest for the Global Voices Summit. In no particular order, Ethan Zuckerman, Rebecca Mackinnon, John Kennedy (alway Feng37 to me), Isaac Mao, Oiwan Lam and so many more, all of whom have had a profound effect on me in how I use the internet and computers, how I read blogs, and most importantly, how I think about and live in the world.

There is no other single website and group of people who have so profoundly shaped my reading habits over the last few years, and many of the blogs I read I came across directly from one of their writers. Also, much, if not most of my ability to understand the technical aspects of internet anonymity, computer security, getting around annoying things, all comes from people whom I have in some way found on or via Global Voices.

Yes, they are blogging everything.