monadologie day 28 & 29

This week has mostly involved me being in the studio and not so much time at the Centre. It was partially because of the weird rehearsal schedule, partially tiredness, and quite a bit of needing to make some sense of what in three weeks we will be doing and someone will be watching.

Yesterday afternoon, Cobie came in and we played with the 3-D camera set-up. Lots of very particular things involved to make the eyes, which it is quite easy to reveal are remarkably lazy in accepting what they see, not do what they do when there is just too much variation between what one eye and the other see and then everything goes, “owwwww!!!! pain!!!!”.

Today with Chris we got to see the results, about 10 seconds of footage in the 3-D Theatre of Bonnie. All quite successful, really. No, you can’t see what she really looks like in 3-D, but this is what the screen looks like without the 3-D glasses.