monadologie day (21 &) 22

Some hecticness, I’ll write about yesterday and today properly-ish when I have time … or not.

A little video. 45 seconds of us in rehearsal this morning. I was going to post it without much description but then though better of that and maybe an explanation is a good idea.

We have been working in the Swinburne VR Theatre, doing a lot of mapping of visualisations onto ourselves using a variety of methods. These became, once videoed and edited for the good bits, a series of phrases we learnt. Then we have, within the phrase parts of our bodies that are open to re-mapping various data using the same methods, unfolding and refolding the existing movement.

What we are doing here is playing with this. This was the first time we’d done it together, and it’s mostly a process of establishing rules and methods to do it. Beyond the actual phrases themselves, this is the first level of generation, then there is the mapping of data, cartography, tags, orbits, and a few other things.