MEL-ADL … again

A couple of nights staying with my wonderful friend Bonnie, eating pancakes, drinking tea, long chats into the night … a bit of last-minute self-gratification in shopping, some waxing of legs and plucking of eyebrows, downloading of sunn0))) live in Caves Lechapelais, Paris, eating chocolate, reading astrophysics, thinking autumn has arrived and not wishing to leave my bed … yes, a bed, a room, doors to close if I choose, sleep I would lie in for if I didn’t think 830am was lazy, emails from my beautiful friend 方圆 Fang Yuan in Guangzhou (or Beijing), news from my darling Anna currently in Suisse and so much of this week has been thinking of you, and tonight…

Airports again.

To Adelaide for a couple of weeks to see my wonderful friends, peas in a pod (*_*).

Missing you all so much.