Sharing a plane with Leo, who is Tom’s brother who is at Art School (say it with capitals) in Melbourne, my first I think flight after so many and someone I know is sitting there, and a ride to Alison’s with Alice, a friend of Leo’s at drama school in Melbourne. Oh Adelaide.

Early into town and expecting to see some people maybe who haven’t made it to bed yet, oddly disquieting to have this void where they should be in Gouger St. But …

Daniel!!!! Hair grown long and beard also and I keep saying how moving to Adelaide was so worth it just for meeting him, but what a reunion after six weeks even. So happy to see and so happy to be here these two weeks. Something I without even thinking called home.

Then Tara, with shaved head and Sandrine, and much laughter and happiness, then Gala and Banskia and Leo and Tom and such a feeling that coming here has been a joy and to be here, now is better than any place else.

An afternoon with Gala drinking tea, enough coffee on empty stomach, also wheatgrass shots, I’m not quite sure what they do but felt slightly manic. Possibly just me, no? And now to get out of my leisure suit, away form laptop, Alison has left for a pub in Strathalburn dressed like an extra from a 1908s pop video after regaling me with much salaciousness, and on for some cocktails with Gala at a bar I’ve never been to.