some pictures i took with my phone

My iPod seems to be dead, and somehow I keep managing to resuscitate my laptop despite in/out errors and loads of corruption … I thought about just doing a clean install from my backup to see if it would write around the mess, but … Adelaide busses suck so much. Instead of going out to a very sad strip joint (Daniel says having an ice habit would help my job application) and hanging out in Mega-City-One! Adelaide, I’m blogging.

Pictures from my phone …

In chronological order, MoredeliciousthanIcantell, 东北松子, Fashionable, Aftertaste without end, Unable dispute, Hot sell the good taste. I was nostalgic for the divine world of Chinese hard-sleeper train snacks, but I have a suspicion they are taking the piss with the English here. Then, clouds above ADT. I thought they were beautiful. Some guys in a Holden yelled out, “raaugghruuuhhmrrragghuuuunngh!”, I think. Then, me waiting for the bus … waiting for the bus … looking at my sneakers … bus goes past, doesn’t stop. I swear the driver laughed at me.