42a + downtown artspace = ✓

Alison Currie, who has managed to keep me laughing until face and stomach pain despite the absence of my baby, and who will really like the image of tight, laceup gay trackies and “Kiss yer guns Gaz!”, lips smacking biceps and a big superhero “rrragggh!!!” to accompany … anyway, she’s a dancer and choreographer when she isn’t getting me liquored up on Cointreau (last tried with dried mango strips).

She’s currently shacked up in Downtown Artspace along with Adam Synnott, lately of in the bones of children, who is frying circuit boards and tormenting code and others all making an installation to open in a couple of weeks. More dance for me to see. And you too.

42 A – 2nd Stage Development Work in Progress

Downtown Art Space 233 Waymouth st, Adelaide
opening 11 wed 6pm
12-15 thurs – sun; 1-5pm and 7-9pm
come anytime and stay as long as you like….
Free entry

42 a is an interactive installation based work at the nexus between visual Art installation and performance. The work utilises elements of sculpture, dance, video and new media to explore concepts relating to house and home; memories attached to objects, personal relationships within this space, instructions found in the home, and how individuals relate to the physical constructs of a house. As well as notions of home, where that is, and the possibility of creating this space with in one’s imagination.

Alison Currie Choreographer / Director
Annemarie Kohn Video Artist / Performer
Adam Synnott New Media Artist / Dancer
Kel Mocilnik Visual Artist / Performer
Solon Ulbrich Creative Co-ordinator / Mentor
Veronica Shum Dancer
Rachel Fenwich Seconding Dancer