dance for obsessive-compulsives

Emile is almost at the end of his winter of Rotterdam, that sent him to the Spielraum in Berlin for die Kunst und die Veränderung der Massenmedien. So, the Spielraum somehow saw bits of my stuff, and decided to screen some of it this Sunday. hell and extermination that were performed in Melbourne, and bitches 婊子 that happened at Park19 in Guangzhou are on at 8pm.

DISPOSE.contemporary presents

Dance for Obsessive-Compulsives
A Collective of Works by Frances d’Ath

20:00 Uhr. Sonntag, der 22. April 2007

Frances d’Ath graduated from Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne in 2001. Since then her works have been presented in a range of diverse cities across Europe, North America and Asia such as Vienna and Zürich, Toronto and Melbourne to Taipei, Taiwan and Guangzhou, China.

Dance for Obsessive-Compulsives: Features a collective of works by Frances d’Ath for one night screening.

BITCHES 25 min / EXTERMINATION 26 min / HELL 43 min

The 25 min highly choreographed shop window-dressing performance in Guangzhou, China BITCHES is not a work of dance, in fact quite the opposite – an absence of dance. Fashion, Sex, Death, Pretty girls with too much money, rapists with murder on their minds, prostitutes, lepers, hanged men, witches, demons and corpses.

HELL along with EXTERMINATION – produced on 16mm and super-8 is a film based on the extermination performance – both filmed in Melbourne, Australia. Highly charged bodies portrayed as robots, puppets, corpses and models. An epic sequence of physical revelations and bodily motions. Both of these hybrid dance performances are a mediation on the late deceased Jean Baudrillard’s Symbolic Exchange and Death, Goya and the Disasters of War, and the desecration of humanity.

— DISPOSE.contemporary