three new categories

Finally I have added some new categories that have been eating at me like some rapacious tropical parasite. It a tussle between accuracy of categories, and keeping the category list short enough to be useful, and balancing all that with having keywords that don’t slop over into the categories and also give a somewhat useful reflection of what I write. (Sometime I’ll get around to putting all my works under one choreography category).

Americas is for all things across the two continents. For ages in a embarrassing fit of pre-Boston Tea Party old world colonialism, I’ve been dumping everything for this hemisphere into the Europe category. Ja, laziness and so on…

History is for duh! old stuff (mostly Leibniz I imagine) that I seem to write about more and more. I’ll get round to going through old posts and updating the categories when I get some time.

Reviews is for … I don’t think of myself in any way as a reviewer, I just like writing about stuff I see, performance, film, art, bands, books, somehow everything here is a review. Anyway, the more, er, formal stuff, where I think, “ach!, better hold my tongue on this, and be polite … don’t. insult. the. natives.”, that’s a review.