something about who?

Miriam Rivera a couple of years ago upset a bunch of straight blokes, then rode the reality-tv thing all the way to Australian Big Brother. My, she certainly was popular back then. Normally when any former star experiences a “news-worthy” event, for example Britney shaving her head, print, television and the internet groan and sweat under the pressure of a billion giddy news flashes.

Miriam received a total lack of attention when she was attacked with a hammer and thrown out of her fourth floor apartment a couple of weeks ago. Her arms and legs were broken and she has a severe head injury from the hammer. I don’t normally blog stuff that would really belong in Who or New Idea, but … Along with Dana International I think she is largely responsible for the current popularity and acceptance of transsexuals in the mainstream media, as evinced by the number of shows around with transsexual storylines.

Possibly her other life as Victoria, a rather well-known tranny porn star, and the insinuations she was done over by a trick gone wrong make it all i-ain’t-gonna-touch-that, and there’s probably enough sex-change trannypocalypse stories in the media now with what’s going on in Largo, Florida.