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It’s Adelaide Fringe time, so Gypsy Wood is sitting in the Garden of Unearthly Delights, and every dancer in town is performing this week, and not a few of musicians. That includes Michael Carter, Deon Hastie, and Gala Moody, who will be the subject of another blog post in a couple of minutes.

soft sculpt
Presented Bypazzia contemporary performing collective

3 unique shows: see them all! for further information go to

tickets available from fringetix or online by clicking here

announcing our hot performer listing:

gala moody, leigh warren dancers
deon hastie, leigh warren dancers
krinkl theatre, puppetry and object animation (nsw)
meghann jones, jamfactory resident artisan
michael carter, australian ballet
miranda hill, melbourne symphony orchestra (vic)
damien ralphs, kurruru indigenous youth performing arts

janet anderson, adelaide symphony orchestra
sarah mccarthy, adelaide symphony orchestra
heather lloyd, adelaide symphony orchestra
gemma phillips, adelaide symphony orchestra

kelly lovelady, artistic director (montreal)
stephanie kabanyana, director of operations
vanessa vance, director of finance and administration (wa)

— pazzia contemporary performing collective

pazzia contemporary performing collective presents soft sculpt

thurs 15 / fri 16 / sat 17 march,10:30pm

fringe factory theatre: 21 mellor st, adelaide (west end, off light square)

a fantastical melange of spontaneous puppetry, visual arts, physical theatre and sound exploration: fresh from debut performances in montreal, toronto and winnipeg, pazzia contemporary performing collective is proud to present soft sculpt in conjunction with the adelaide fringe festival.

pazzia is a collaborative initiative dedicated to the fusion of live classical music with real-time performance art. the pazzia concept favours a vivid, physical understanding of music in place of the cognitive agenda often associated with the concert hall. action arts are engaged as a true-to-life equivalent to contemporary interpretative dance, and are intended as a gross physicalization of the sounds which are occurring. aural patterns are replicated and reiterated in the visual, spatial, kinesthetic and sonic dimensions.

soft sculpt will be driven by an all-australian string quartet program of works by peter sculthorpe, ross edwards, martin wesley-smith and carl vine. a representative australian soundscape, including snatches of ocean, seagulls and ritualistic aboriginal dance, will be directly echoed and manifested by the performance artists in an installation ambience characterized by earth colours and dry, bush textures.

pazzia was the brainchild of two feisty young perth musicians: independent conductor and conceptualist, kelly lovelady, and freelancing vocalist and accountant, vanessa vance. the show’s title, soft sculpt, reflects the company’s commitment to a flexible and fluid artistic product. each tour performance to date has seen the recontextualization of the core concept and repertoire using a completely fresh team of artists. past soft sculpt interpretations have included stiltwalking and interpretative dance in winnipeg, and a focus on birth and evolution in montreal and toronto, with larger-than-life human cocoons made variously of sheet wadding, chickenwire, wool, real fur and wax paper.

similarly, pazzia will present three extraordinarily unique adelaide shows. a quartet of professional string players will be met by six strikingly different artistic entities over the course of the season, each artist free to interpret and express the soft sculpt concept through their medium of choice. all will occur within the creative envelope of pazzia artistic director and conductor, kelly lovelady, who will enjoy an onstage directorial presence throughout.

tickets are $14 and available from fringetix or online at