sense at 45 downstairs

Bonnie is back from Sydney, tired and exhilarated after the season of Glow, and as I walked through Faulkner Park this early sun-hazed morning on my way to class I saw a beautiful girl with long tanned legs walking towards me. Of course she would have to be Lily who has only now returned from the distant north of Australia’s east coast. So, a reunion and talk of dance and other things and much happiness.

Not content with sleeping, Bonnie is performing again this weekend in Emily Fernandez and Frieder Weiß performance sense at 45 Downstairs also with Tina McErvale who not long ago returned from Europe and Adam Donovan. There is an audiovisual installation on both Friday and Saturday night at 7pm before the performance at 8 30pm.

I don’t know much beyond what’s on the flier, except Saturday night is also the last night of the Greyhound in St Kilda. I have crawled out of there on occasion (at least once with Luke George), and it has forever been my favourite pub, even though I don’t go there much anymore. I have a memory of arriving in the back bar at someone’s wedding also a karaoke night, and everyone was quite enthusiastic at the extra guests. The jukebox is the best, the carpet is sticky.